Precautionary Principle Under International Environmental Law

Shreyashi Tiwari, a final year student often spotted around the campus with a skateboard, oscillates between playing great tunes on her guitar and writing amazing blog posts, much like this one. While the concepts of transboundary harm and sustainable development has been a part of international as well as national law regimes for almost a … Continue reading Precautionary Principle Under International Environmental Law


International Legal Personality of Nature

Ananya Jha is a fourth year student at National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi   Just as human beings have human rights, all other beings also have rights which are specific to their species or kind and appropriate for their role and function within the communities within which they exist. -Universal Declaration … Continue reading International Legal Personality of Nature

First SIL Panel Discussion: Environmental Change and Refugees

There has to be a fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion under the current Convention, qualifications that are missing in case of climate change. The panelists pointed out that the treaty is too old to respond to the displacement related challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change and disasters.

Green Justice: ICC Prosecutions in Light of Environmental Destruction During Armed Conflicts

While pollutants recognise no jurisdictional boundaries and, therefore, constitute a threat to people everywhere, there has been little effort to utilise criminal sanctions within the framework of international law to control them.